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We want you to enjoy your stay here. Take advantage of our lakes, pools, beaches & our community center bar & grill. We want you to have a wonderful vacation, so you want to return again & again. Be aware that emerald lakes is both a recreational & residential community. We have a few rules that ensure both you & your neighbors have a hassle free time.

FIREWORKS- This is our most important and STRICTLY ENFORCED rule! In addition to personal safety concerns, fireworks are an extreme fire danger in our heavily wooded community. Setting off any type, anywhere at any time will result in a fine.

OPEN FIRES- Fires are considered a hazard and are STRICTLY PROHIBITED and also carry a fine.

FIREARMS- Carrying a firearm without a concealed carry permit or discharging same or other weapons is STRICTLY PROHIBITED and carries a fine. We also have ‘quality life’ rules that provide for neighborly consideration so that both your group and those around you are happy!

Excessive noise: Some noise is a byproduct of parties, but laughter is one thing, shouting and extremely loud music is another. Keep your noise level reasonable while you celebrate.

Parking on the road shoulders is NOT allowed! Vehicles MUST be in the driveway or designated parking areas.

The speed limit throughout Emerald Lakes in 25 MPH. Please obey it.

No ATV’s, snowmobiles or off-road vehicles are permitted on EL roads or property.

TRASH- All trash must be secured from bears or other animals. If you use our trash compactor, recycling is mandatory. Separate household garbage from recyclables.

AMENITY BADGES- Badges MUST be purchased and on you when using amenities and all vehicles must display association-issued identification.

CURFEW- Loitering is prohibited in common areas from dusk to dawn.


CATCH & RELEASE- Bass MUST be released. PA LAW Requires fishing licenses for 16 years and older. A life vest is REQUIRED for each and every boater and carries a stiff fine if ignored

BOATS- Boats may be powered by electric trolling motors only. Diving off boats and bridges in not allowed.

Fines for the above vary from $50 to as much as $750 (for ATV’s) and are increased for multiple violations. ELA doesn’t want to fine you. We want to keep you and all others safe. Above All Enjoy Your Stay!


Emerald Lakes is a beautiful community that offers lakes for fishing, electric motor boating, kayaking and paddle boarding. They have an indoor pool, outdoor pool, basketball courts and playgrounds.

Emerald Lakes is a private, patrolled, recreational, residential Community. All real property within the Community is privately owned by the Association Members, either individually as residential building lots or collectively through the Association as Common Areas and Community Recreational Facilities.

All tenants are required to follow established rules (as are homeowners), which are necessary to ensure that everyone has an equal opportunity for the “peaceful enjoyment of their home”.

Amenities Badges MUST be purchased and with you when using any of the amenities

Children 2 and under are free.

1 day pass - $20.00 per person

3 day pass - $30.00 per person

7 day pass –$50.00 per person

These badges can be purchased (with $3 fee) at https://form.jotform.com/231775388503160

You will need my full name: Lauren Cinquegrana


Home address: 1333 Glade Dr

Passes can also be purchased from the HOA office located at 1112 Glade Dr Mon-Sat 8:30-4pm or at the community center located at 1802 Glade Dr.  Sun, Mon, Wed, Fri, Sat 11-7pm

Some locations you may want to visit

Community center/ indoor pool :

1802 Glade Drive

Indoor Pool: (located in Community Center)

Monday, Wednesday and Sunday 11 am – 7 pm

Thursday 5 pm – 10 pm

Friday and  Saturday 11am to 9 pm

The Emerald Lodge ( located in Community Center)

Thursday, Friday & Saturday: 5:00 pm – 10:00 pm

Bar Hours: ( located in Community Center)

Thursday, Friday & Saturday: 5:00 pm – 12:00 am

Outdoor Pool- 159 Cedar Dr.

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday 11 am to 7 pm

All lakes are open Dawn to Dusk.

Entry and swim at your own risk

Pine Tree Beach 267 Cedar Dr

Main Beach (Ramot Lake) 1155 W Emerald Lake Dr

Mountain Top Lake Access 1606 Glade Dr

Please note some amenities may not be available due to unforeseen closures or delayed hours or seasonal .  

Click HERE for more info about Emerald Lakes

Fishing info in Emerald Lakes


1) Security will be available to answer to any fishing situation/s seven days a week mainly Friday, Saturday and Sunday from dawn to dusk.

2) Security should have the contact numbers for Lake Patrol member.

3) If Security is called regarding a fishing situation, Security can order the fishermen off the lake and/or give them a ticket.


1) Lake Patrol will have a vest identifying who they are.

2) Lake Patrol should call and let security know which lake they are on before they enter the lake and after they leave the lake.

3) Lake Patrol will not be responsible for calling any tow truck , police or administering a ticket.

4) Lake Patrol has the right to question any fishermen. If they don’t have a fishing license and/or tag identification they can suggest that they leave the lake and get a fishing license and appropriate identification to avoid a ticket. If they opt not to leave the lake, Lake Patrol can tell them it is Lake Patrol’s responsibility to call security and report them.

5) Lake Patrol will have a direct contact number to the officer on duty should they need them.


Emerald Lakes is committed to keeping our lakes healthy and fun for our residents and visitors to fish in. The Emerald Lakes Board and Administration spend a lot of time and money to keep our lakes safe and enjoyable. To that end, please obey the following:

Emerald Lakes is Catch and Release Only for Small mouth and Largemouth bass. You can keep sunfish, crappies, perch and catfish if you want, but please return any bass to the lake immediately. Ice fishing is limited to a total of two tip ups and one rod per person. The tip ups must be no more than twenty-five feet from where the fishermen is sitting.

  • Everyone over the age of 16 needs to register with the ELA Office and obtain a vehicle tag (if needed) and a fishing tag when fishing on our lakes. Cost is $5.00. You must bring with you your PA Fishing License in order to register. You can obtain tags at the ELA office on 1112 Glade Drive from Monday through Saturday from to 8:00 to 4:00pm.

  • You must wear your Emerald Lakes fishing tag at all times when fishing on our lakes.

  • We will have Fishing Patrol members on the lakes to check for ELA fishing tags. If you do not have one, you will be asked to leave, and get a fishing tag from the Administration Office. If you fail to comply, Emerald Lakes security will be called to enforce our rules.

  • Failure to abide by the Catch and Release or Fishing Tag requirements will result in the violator being fined $200 for each violation. All amenity privileges will be revoked until the fine/s are reconciled. Call the homeowner, landlord or Administration Office (570-646-2622) for advice.

.Please respect our lakes and our community. We want Emerald Lakes to continue to be a fun place for people to live and visit. Thank you! ELA FISHING PROCEDURES AND REQUIREMENTS

All anglers are responsible for becoming familiar with the Rules and Regulations provided by the PA Fish and Boat Commission. This information is available on their website www.fishandboat.com or by phone 570-477-5717.

The Fishing Club was asked by Management and the Board of Directors to draw up procedures and requirements to ensure the quality or our lakes and the reproduction of the fish. We must remember that these are recreational lakes for the enjoyment of the members, their families and friends. They are Catch and Release lakes for Large and Small mouth bass. ELA purchases and stocks the bass in order to build up their population. These lakes are not meant to provide fish for consumption, nor do they have the capability to do so. We must be cognizant of the population and balance of fish in our lakes and not over fish. Keeping to many of the large fish is throwing off the balance of the fish in our lakes. A recent study showed that there is a greater number of small fish compared to the number of large fish.

The following was instituted by the Board of Directors:

The BOA has instituted a ruling that states there is a two hundred ($200) fine for each offense. The BOA also instituted a resolution for a five-dollar ($5) fee for all anglers who are fishing on our lakes. See Registration and Requirements below:


1) An Emerald Lakes Association (ELA) fishing tag and vehicle tag (if needed) must be purchased at the cost of $5.00.

2) You need a valid Pennsylvania Fishing license and an ELA ID in good standing or an ELA guess pass in order to purchase the fishing and vehicle tag.

3) The tags can be purchase at the Administration Building at 1112 Glade Drive, Long Pond, PA. Tags are available for purchase from Monday to Saturday from 8:00am to 4:00pm. Not available on Sunday.


1) The personal tag must be in plain view, either attached to your hat or hung around your neck.

2) The car tag must be hung from the mirror or placed on the dashboard with the number facing up.

3) Live worms, live minnows and any artificial bait can be used.

4) Only one rod and two tip ups can be used while ice fishing per person. The tip ups must be no more than twenty-five (25) feet away from where the fishermen is sitting.

5) There is a one hundred dollar ($100) fine for keeping each Large and/or Small mouth bass.

6) Fishing starts at dawn to dusk, but we will be flexible.

7) If you have neither a valid PA Fishing License nor an ELA tag you will be subject to a $200 fine for each offense, per the Board of Directors

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We hope you enjoy your stay!

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